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General principle

'Auch in den aufstrebenden Städten üben sich seit dem 12. Jhd. ehrbare und zeugnisfähige Handwerker-Bürger in der Fechtkunst; sie werden in den Quellen als "campiones", "gladiatores" und "pugiles" verzeichnet.' [ LexMA ]

What is Gladiatores?
Gladiatores is a professional school for historical european martial arts, focussing on different styles of european fencing.
For more than ten years, our school has been teaching not only fencing with the longsword, but also with rapier, sword and buckler, halberd or even unarmed combat. In this regard, we try to draw a bow from the 14th up to the 19th century, yet without disregarding other epochs and weapons. Our main focus lies in tutoring a lively historical system of martial arts, combined with transferring knowledge in culture and philosphy of ancient fencing masters.

In this regard, Gladiatores is based on two pillars: first, delivering insights in historical techniques via dealing with original sources like fencing books, reconstructions and fixed sequences, and second, to keep ones phyical and mental health without forgetting fun and companionability.

Therefore, we offer regular classes in our fencing schools as well as workshops over the weekends, in which the ancient art of fencing still lives on.

"Young knight, learn to love God and revere women, so that your honour grows. Practice knighthood and learn the Art that dignifies you, and brings you honour in wars." (Johannes Liechtenauer, 14th century)

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