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How can I participate?
The easiest way to join in is by visiting one of our many schools or training groups in Germany or Austria. A map of our locations can be found here: locations

To begin with, you can visit a non-committal and free trial session to check out our lessons before you accede. Just contact the respective coach and make an appointment with him or her concerning your free trial session. And what is best: you just need normal sport clothes and a pair of sneakers, everything else will be available for you.
Workshops and your own training group
If there is neither a school nor a training group in your immediate vicinity, you can still visit one of our many workshops. These workshops focus on many different themes and offer you an intensive insight in historical martial arts, since they equate about three month of regular lessons. We do not only provide workshops about our main weapon the long sword, but also about combat grappling ("Kampfringen"), rapier and dagger, or sword and buckler, as well as many other topics.
Although the lessons are held in German, we are eager to assist you during your training and to explain even the most complex relations to you.
And who knows, perhaps this workshop will motivate you to build up your own training group in your city?

If your looking for more information concerning the workshops, just have a look here: workshops [in german]

You want to know how to build up your own training group? Feel free to contact us: info@gladiatores.de, we will be happy to help you.
Passive member
Moreover, you can simple become a passive member of Gladiatores. With this, you get access to our selected Gladiatores-bulletin board as well as regular information about Gladiatores. Furthermore, you get a 10%-discount on all "Inside"-workshops. If there are still questions unanswered, feel free to contact us: info@gladiatores.de, we will be happy to help you.

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